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Below we’ve created a video and a roadmap which will outline exactly what the HealthHacker University program does.

Who Is This Program For?

    • Busy Healthcare Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and CEOs Who:
      • Desperately Need More Energy & Focus
      • Have At Least 15-30 lbs. To Lose
      • Have Tried Everything
      • Have a CRAZY Schedule
      • Want Results FAST!
      • Want An Easier, More Sustainable Approach

If this is you, keep reading…

Program Overview

HealthHacker University is a comprehensive, 16-week health & fitness program unlike anything else currently on the market. It’s not your average diet and exercise program! Most programs are generic, cookie-cutter plans that provide decent results. However, because these plans are not personalized, there’s a good chance they become hard to stick with for more than just a few weeks. 

Furthermore, because these programs are not addressing the underlying root causes that may be interfering with your health or losing weight, they are a “Band-Aid” solution at best. Most people find themselves right back to square one once they finish. 

With us, it’s a little different. We educate you on what to look out for, and how all this stuff ACTUALLY WORKS. 

What you get with us is the accumulation of a lifetime of research. The program is all that I have learned in my own personal quest for health and fitness, as well as through my journey as a coach thus far. Over the past 3.5 years and counting, I have taught these techniques to hundreds of individuals, and have used these same techniques myself, that you are about to learn, to expedite the path to limitless energy, vibrant health, and permanent weight loss! The techniques and strategies that you are about to get your hands on have helped these individuals lose massive amounts of weight and completely turn around their lives.

So, what is HealthHacker University about?

What’s Included

    • Onboarding Call and Initial Assessment (including body composition calculations and starting statistics)
    • Customized Nutrition Plan (complete with a sample meal plan, personalized caloric requirements, macronutrient breakdown, sample grocery list)
    • Custom Supplement Recommendations
    • Custom Exercise Plan (tailored around your goals and your schedule)
    • Twice Weekly Check-Ins From Your Coach
    • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
    • Private Facebook Group Community
    • Membership Site Containing All of The Exclusive Educational Training Materials
    • Access to download Frank Ferrigno Fitness App, your all-in-one solution to staying organized and tracking everything from your nutrition, to your workouts, measurements, weigh-ins, progress photos, steps, sleep, and so on. The app also features a built-in private messenger which allows for secure, 24/7 access to your coach!
    • Graduation Call 

Let’s Explore What’s in Store

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