Is HealthHacker University Right For You?

Having trouble making up your mind? We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

What’s included in the program?

Custom Nutrition Plan

    • Personalized Calorie and Macronutrient Prescription
    • 7-Day Sample Meal Plan 
    • 7-Day Grocery Shopping List

Custom Workout Routine

    • Personalized, Highly-Efficient Exercise Plan Based On Your Schedule (2-4 days per week MAX)
    • Video Exercise Demonstrations
    • Personalized Suggestions for Weight, Sets, Reps, etc.

Frank Ferrigno Fitness App

    • Your “one-stop shop” to keep you on track with your goals! Measure and keep an eye on all relevant metrics here. It’s like having your own personal trainer and coach in your pocket at all times!
    • Track your nutrition intake and access your meal plan here.
    • Track your daily steps
    • Track your sleep
    • Track your weight and body measurements
    • Securely store your progress photos
    • Track all workouts. Easily track how many reps, sets, and how much weight you used so you know what you need to beat next workout!
    • Frank Ferrigno Fitness App syncs with Apple Watch, MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and Withings.
    • Secure, private, in-app messenger for 24/7 access and communication with your coach

HealthHacker University Membership Site

      • An Online Course that hosts all of the educational materials and trainings
      • Videos, Quizzes, PDF’s 
      • Designed to complement and run alongside your custom plans!
      • Education is what separates us from everyone else! We want you to learn what you need to learn in order to be successful in the long-run.
      • “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life…”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the program last?
16 weeks or 4 months
Do I get any 1-on-1 time?
Yes, depending on what package you select, your package may also include several 1-on-1 coaching calls, to discuss your progress and explore any specific issues that you may be dealing with.
What if the program doesn’t work?
The program always works but occasionally not in the way that a client expects. Managing client expectations is important in this instance. For example, if your goal is to lose 80 lbs. – it’s definitely possible (I did it!). However, you are not going to accomplish that overnight, and it’s unlikely you will accomplish that in just 4 months. 
Do you offer a guarantee?


Yes, unlike many other coaches and trainers out there, we fully believe in our products and services. Your results are guaranteed, provided you:

a) Respond to any and all messages in a timely manner
b) Meet and completes all check-ins (regularly scheduled weigh-ins + weekly check-in
forms + measurements + progress photos, etc.)
c) Follow and completes all of the prescribed workouts, and track them in the app
d) Follow and track all of the sensible eating guidelines of the program

If you do not see results, and all of the above criteria has been completely satisfied,
you will continue to receive coaching free of charge until results are seen!

What happens after the program?


You get to keep all of my coaching materials for life. You can continue to remain active in our Facebook community, and of course, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, e-mails, and blog posts where I will continue to provide the latest and most up-to-date information surrounding health and fitness.

Once you have completed the program, you may have already reached your ultimate goals.
And if not, you can continue on your journey by yourself using what it is that I have taught you.

Or, you may well find that you want more exposure to the type of thinking and approach that the program will introduce you to. If you wish to continue on, I may then invite you to continue on with us where you can join our more advanced, next-level program, “HealthHacker University 2.0”.

How does this program compare to other diet or weight loss programs?

Many programs are developed by social media influencers, trainers, and coaches who have expertise in their fields but little formal training in biology, chemistry, exercise physiology, or nutrition. Some of these “fly by night” trainers are dishing out dangerous and potentially harmful advice.

The majority of these people have no clinical experience or training in healthcare whatsoever. Few, if any, truly understand what it’s like to juggle an extremely busy, and stress-filled lifestyle working in healthcare while trying to simultaneously get into shape.

I understand what it’s like; my own personal transformation took place while working 13 hour shifts with no break (50+ hours a week) as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager, while planning a wedding, traveling, and starting multiple businesses. It is this hands-on experience of over 10 years of patient-centered clinical experience as a pharmacist that has allowed me to see firsthand exactly where people are going wrong in their quest for better health and weight loss.

My approach draws from the best coaching practices, but unlike many other programs, I aim to address the problem of excess weight at the source. Many programs simply give you a generic, cookie-cutter “one-size fits all” approach – eat this food and do these exercises.

However, my approach, which is founded on decades of ongoing personal development, and a lifelong study of human behavior and psychology, aims to uncover what has led to this problem in the first place, and how we can make simple mindset shifts, build new habits and lifestyle changes, that will yield permanent change. The result is a program custom-tailored specifically to your needs, which will change the way you think, the way you feel, the way you eat, and the way you view exercise!

Is it really possible to learn and implement everything I need to reach my weight loss goal in just 16 weeks?

Yes, 16 weeks is plenty of time to create new habits and see some dramatic results! But for some of you, depending on your starting point, it may take you longer to achieve your end goals. And I want you to know that that is perfectly fine! I think many people need to be reminded that the road to optimal health and weight loss is not a straight line; there will be ups and downs along the way. My advice is to trust the process, stay the course, and accept how this stuff actually works, rather than how you expected it to work.

Like anything else, transforming your health and your body requires patience, dedication, and consistency. In 16 weeks, you will establish a great foundation. You will avoid many of the mistakes that typical dieters make that keep them “stuck,” and as a result, you will be on the fast-track to achieving your goals.

What about the price?

The cost of the program is intended to make you think seriously about committing to the program. The program will not deliver its best to you unless you commit to it. On the other hand, the cost is only a tiny fraction of the LITERALLY life-changing results that you can get from implementing its wisdom!

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