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A Coaching Case Study of Anthony

Anthony – Civil Litigations Lawyer
Anthony – Civil Litigations Lawyer

When I met Anthony, he explained how since a child, he had always wanted to become a lawyer, and eventually even own his own law firm. However, when he began practicing law, he soon couldn’t help but feel a bit disillusioned. He had no idea the job would consume so much of his time. And he had no idea that it would negatively impact his health and his weight. But since he had a goal, and he had worked so hard to get to this point, he figured this is just how things are.

All the late nights at the office and traveling for cases meant Anthony was not paying attention to his health, or his waistline. He had put on nearly 20 pounds since becoming a lawyer, and was now told he had high blood pressure.

Exhaustion is a common problem for many busy people who fail to get their priorities right.

Run Your Life, Don’t Let it Run You

The first thing I did with Anthony was to explain the dynamics of healthy living and weight loss and how to accomplish more by actually doing less. This advice is radically different from the advice that anyone else is dishing out, and that he was used to do. You must structure your life in way that allows you to be more in control, and you must self-audit and prioritize all the people and things which you let into your life and allow to take up your time, and see where there is room for improvement. Busy people tend to let their work or family obligations run their lives. And the problem is, these obligations will run them if they let them – right into the ground! Which is exactly what Anthony was experiencing.

“I Don’t Have Enough Time”

One of the things I come across frequently is upside down thinking where a busy person’s mindset creates huge problems for them.

Anthony’s belief was that the more he worked, the more he would achieve and that he would simply worry about his health and weight “some day.” He figured that one day, in the future, he would get on top it.

That day never comes…

I explained to him how the world of healthy living and weight loss works. Many people think that they don’t have enough time to eat right and exercise, and as a result, are forced to be on costly prescription medications with extensive side effects lists. And others – well they may suffer permanent, irreversible issues, be forced to undergo complex surgeries such as coronary artery bypass graft surgeries, or simply drop dead prematurely, without any warning.

Now, while this is not meant to scare you (although it should), this is exactly the type of stuff I witnessed as a pharmacist.

He asked me: “But how can I get to the gym 3 times a week?

I replied: “By going to the gym 3 times a week.

This is a perfect example of how we get things upside down – we need to run our lives as we want, not as they dictate. We are more in control of our lives than we think. Lack of time is usually just a lack of priority.

Healthy Living and Weight Loss is a Choice

Anthony listened and acted. He stopped working silly hours and started prioritizing his time, and his health. He became more productive and soon was achieving more in much less time.

He started paying more attention to what he was eating, he prioritized getting a full eight hours of sleep each night, and he even stopped staying late at the office and working on weekends. He made it his business to not only exercise more, but spend more time taking care of himself and doing the things he loved, such as spending time with friends and family. He was still able to achieve his goal of starting his own law firm, but this time, he wasn’t being drowned in his work.

Now Anthony feels more free than ever before – he understands that living a healthy lifestyle is a choice, and that even the “busiest” of people can still lead a healthy lifestyle, and still “find time” to exercise and lose weight.

He’s lost over 30 pounds and kept it off, all while taking cases from all across the country, and later starting his own law firm. Now he lives out his dream, gets an abundance of clients each month for him and his law firm, and has just recently gotten engaged to be married.

A Coaching Case Study of Stacey

Stacey – Event Coordinator

When you look at the amount of travel, working in the public eye, meeting the public, and deadlines, it’s easy to see why event coordinators, like Stacey, may feel too busy or too stressed to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve lasting weight loss.

When I first met Stacey, she complained about her job, the long hours, and the amount of stress she was under.

She explained that as an event coordinator, she served as the conduit of information between the client or host organization, speakers (often VIPs), participants, vendors, and event staff. 

Stress crept in as she would work to meet the expectations of everyone involved and as she tried to ensure that the planning process does not devolve into a game of telephone.

She would often be planning for weeks, months, or maybe even up to a year. She had to calculate the risks, walk the space, coordinate the setup, select the menu, curate the content, draft the agenda, rehearse the content, and even test the A/V. She had to intimately know every detail.

Stacey went on to explain that she was often the primary point of contact the day(s) of the event. Stress factors for her included the need to always be “on” and hyper-vigilant. 

Perhaps, however, the biggest problem she faced was with time. Planners are often the first ones in and the last ones out, resulting in 12 to 16-hour work days.

During that time, Stacey did not have the opportunity to eat or sit down. 

Stacey admitted that very little attention was paid to what she was eating and how often she was exercising.

I worked with Stacey to address exactly how she had gotten to that point, and where she was going wrong. We then came up with some strategies on how we can squeeze healthy eating and some physical activity into her life.

Despite her hectic job, Stacey lost 51 pounds while in our EZ Lean program! She now leads an active lifestyle and enjoys being outdoors and hiking – something that her weight (and painful, aching knees) previously stopped her from doing.

A Coaching Case Study of Matt

Matt – IT Manager

When I first met Matt, he was a prominent Information Technology Manager at a big corporation.

Nowadays, all businesses depend on technology systems to run smoothly. When problems arise, IT managers, like Matt, have to act quickly to troubleshoot and repair what went wrong.

Matt explained to me what his day-to-day life consisted of; commuting to work, managing employees, coordinating technology-related matters with top executives, planning upgrades of existing software or hardware, and negotiating with vendors, among other things.

Matt’s schedule was extremely packed, and he had very little time to spare. He felt as if he was constantly on the move. He was taking phone calls all day long, and jokingly complained how he was “more likely to be caught in a meeting room than a server room.”

We went over his eating habits and I discovered that his diet consisted of “energy bars”, coffee, donuts, potato chips, diet soda, and fast food. He was eating whatever was convenient in the little amount of time he had.

The problem is, these habits were catching up to him. Matt felt like crap. He felt invisible at work, and his self-esteem and confidence were really suffering.

He also told me how he couldn’t help but feel over-worked and under-appreciated. When the job is done well, many supervisors won’t even notice the work involved. “If you haven’t had an email interruption or server meltdown in the past few months, you probably have an IT manager to thank,” Matt explained.

So, we worked with Matt to make improvements in the three key areas: Mindset, Nutrition, and Exercise.

We gave him a customized solution to easily, and effectively turn things around.

And his life has never been the same since.

Matt remains one of our best success stories to date – he lost77 lbs. and went from a size XXXL to a L!

Matt no longer feels invisible at work, either. He has since been promoted to Chief Technology Officer.

He suspects his weight loss transformation and newfound confidence may have something to do with it.

A Coaching Case Study of Philip Aziz




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